– free mockups for everyone!

Hello! I’m Patryk, a 3D artist and graphic designer from Poland. I created this website to help you show off your design in a pleasing way by providing you with high quality free mockups which you can easily edit in Photoshop. Just add your design to the PSD file’s smart objects and it’s all done. Showcase your packaging, car advertising, devices design with ease.

What is a mockup?

Mockups are graphic files, usually Photoshop PSD or TIFF files, that allow you to present a 2D design placed on real life objects like business cards, flyers, cars, packaging in an interesting way with no effort. Mockups can be easily edited with Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Photo or similar graphic software of your choice. You just need to replace smart objects with your own design and everything will be applied automatically in the right place, in the right way, with the correct perspective.

How to find high quality mockups?

There are many resources with PSD mockups on the Internet. You have a lot to choose from – there are both paid and free websites. However, it’s much harder to find a resource with consistent high quality. It’s even harder to find such a resource with free mockups. And you wouldn’t want to spoil your project presentation by a mockup with bad lighting or with a weird perspective. That’s why I created – a completely free resource with premium quality mockups ready to be used with 1-click download. I hope it will serve you well.

How to make a premium quality mockup?

Every free mockup here is made by me using 3D software and Adobe Photoshop CC. I prepare the 3D scene in Blender, Houdini or 3ds Max, then I render the needed render passes like reflections or shadows using Redshift, Corona Render or Blender Cycles. I import all the needed 3D passes in Adobe Photoshop where using my Photoshop actions I arrange the layers in the right order with the right settings. Then I create smart objects for each element and I manually warp them to match the surface of the element.